Q & A
  1. Texture glass products, are they easily breakable?
    Anything which is made from glass can be broken. All textured glass manufactured by AG Reno Sdn. Bhd. has gone through a glass annealing process, whereby glass are harder compare to standard float glass.
  2. Why are they cost more than normal glass?
    Textured glass is all individually handcrafted. The process required moulding, man hour and time to produce every single piece.
  3. Can I come out with my own pattern?
    Yes, just inform us the type of texture pattern which you preferred and we will try to satisfy your requirement.
  4. Can it be easily installed?
    Most of the standard retailing items are created under DIY concept for easy installation. The installation method is similar with the installation of float glass.
  5. Do you provide installation?
    Yes, we do but it is charged on a separate basis.
  6. Do you provide products guarantee?
    No, it is difficult to determine the cause of breakage after installation. Customer are required to certify that the products are properly installed and in perfect order.
  7. How do I maintain the shine?
    AG Reno’s texture glass acquired a permanent crystal shine after the forming process. Therefore, it does not require any chemical or polish to maintain its’ shine. Just wipe it with clean cloth if it is dirty.
  8. What are the glass thicknesses available?
    We utilize glass thickness of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Other glass thickness can be considered on market availability.