Technical Information
  1. Lead times
    Generally for custom made products, we deliver between 3- 4 weeks and for projects, required timing to be estimated by AG Reno. Delivery dates taken strictly from receipt of all information necessary for production to commence, together with an official purchase order and deposit.
  2. Size
    Glass panel can be fabricated to any size, up to 12’ (L) x 6’ (W). All panels are manufactured to a tolerance of plus and minus 3mm from quoted size. The maximum size also varies on different products.
  3. Artwork, Bromides & templates
    All supplied templates must be clearly marked for holes, cut out, etc. Templates are used to cut raw material therefore an allowance of 3.5mm growth in final product should be allowed for when preparing templates.
  4. Variation and textures
    As the process of producing formed glass are done by hand, there may be some variation between samples, standard textured samples and the finished products and may include ‘stretch’ marks towards the outer corners or flat spots with the texture where the weight and the glass flatters the mould material. We accept no liability for these variations.
  5. Colour
    To provide PMS reference for signage or other texture panels. Any variation of colours, we will not be held responsible if a request to match colours without a PMS reference provided by the client.
  6. Holes size & thickness
    Available sizes for holes are 6mm ø, 12mm ø, 15mm ø, 20mm ø and 45mm ø. Hole diameter mould is at least 1.2 times the thickness of the glass. Typically, it can be of any thickness from 6mm to 19mm.
  7. Installation
    Installation works estimation as a separate item. We carry out installation as per client’s requirement and we have a group of qualified & experience installer.
  8. Standard & Legal Liability
    We remind potential purchaser’s that general glass products manufactured by AG Reno Sdn. Bhd. are constructed from clear float glass (unless specified differently) and it is a condition of purchase that no recall, both financially and legally, can be made on AG Reno Sdn. Bhd. for any damage to property or person that may result from breakage’s of any glass products no matter how these breakage’s may have occurred. AG Reno Sdn. Bhd. will attempt to ensure that all glass supplied meets the relevant codes and standards, however AG Reno recommends a structural engineer be consulted of all structural requirements and AG Reno accepts no responsibility for the final location and/or fixing our glass.